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The impact of COVID-19 coronavirus on the VAT system

As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic rages on, understandably, there has been a lot of talk about finances, particularly for those who have been furloughed or who are self-employed. However, there have also been several important announcements for VAT-registered businesses and their advisers. VAT payment deferral On March 20th, it was [...]

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What Are The Most Common Accounting Problems In A “Making Tax Digital World” Business Owners Face?

We all suffer from accounting problems from time to time. Recent changes to the way businesses file VAT returns are only the start of a huge overhaul to HMRC's tax filing system. Making Tax Digital could lead to more frequent accounting problems if you don't get a head of the [...]

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Making Tax Digital latest news No one can deny that Making Tax Digital, the government’s ongoing scheme to digitise the tax affairs of every individual and business in the country, has true bouncebackability. No matter how many setbacks it faces, it picks itself up, dusts itself off, sticks its chest out, and refuses to [...]

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