SEIS equity investment

What is SEIS equity investment scheme? SEIS is a government scheme designed to help young companies raise money when they start to trade and grow with the aim of providing a boost to economic growth in the UK. The way it does this is by offering tax reliefs to the individual investors who buy shares in small companies. The investors can choose to use this relief in order to reduce either their current tax bill or that of the previous tax year. SEIS works by motivating individuals to invest in small businesses in exchange for additional tax relief as well as equity. If you’re currently talking to investors and have mentioned SEIS, it’s likely you would have been asked when the investment will close. That’s because it is the date of the equity transaction that qualifies the investor for relief. In most cases, you’ll see these SEIS transactions complete on […]

Hiring your First Sales Rep – The Financial Impact on your Business

Hiring your first sales representative is a big decision for any company. It can have consequences both good and bad so it’s important to know what your business stands to lose or gain, hypothetically, by taking such a step. You may be considering hiring a sales rep because you want to find new customers, increase company profitability or simply grow the size of your company. If you’re currently undecided on the wisdom of hiring a sales rep, there are many things you’ll need to consider. In this article, Maple Accountancy will give you the facts so you can make an informed decision. Pessimism – could one bad apple spoil the whole bunch? A recent UK survey found 27% of companies claim hiring the wrong sales rep leaves them out of pocket by over £50,000. This is because there is a lot at stake when hiring your first sales representative. You’ll […]