‘During this time of exceptional circumstances across the nation, much less the world, Derby Express Couriers have seen a veritable explosion of demand for our services across both our parcel and pallet sector work.

As much of the nation continues to self-isolate or work from home, we have seen our delivery volumes skyrocket as people have continued to order all manner of goods to stave off the boredom and keep them inside their homes during the lockdown. This, in turn, has also meant that our excellent customer base, comprised entirely of strong Derby-based businesses, varying in size from million-pound turnover entities to small family-run start-ups, has also boomed with orders that we must service by collection and shipping through our delivery networks; APC and TPN.

Staff safety, of course, has also been the paramount focus for us during this pandemic. Therefore, despite having to remain open as very much an essential business, we swiftly implemented very practical social distancing measures onsite, with an abundance of sanitisation products free for the employee’s use. This, along with allowing everyone office-based who could work from home to do so, has allowed us to continue to operate at a very high level whilst maintaining the top levels of safety for our employees.

Both of our delivery networks, whom we are longstanding members of, have also implemented ‘no-contact’ delivery procedures to ensure the consignees we deliver to on a daily basis are not put at risk by coming into contact with our drivers. This has allowed for continuity of service whilst keeping us in line with the nationally mandated procedures for minimal contact and social distancing.

I speak for everyone at Derby Express Couriers when I say that we are proud to continue to serve the local/national community during this difficult time, delivering both essential (mass food products to wholesalers or sanitisation goods to hospitals/police stations) and consumer goods to ensure the country continues moving and engaged. As a vital cog in the national supply chain, we have had to ensure we place a keen focus on ensuring we remain profitable and liquid during this time to ensure continued viability. The appraisal and reliance from our customers have simply served to reaffirm the vital role we are performing.

Derby Express Couriers will continue to deal with everything that is possibly thrown at us to keep the nation moving, whilst ensuring first and foremost the safety of our staff and the nation at large.’


Tom Sharp


Derby Express Couriers