What a productive meeting that was… I’m slightly smug about reporting back to you that in my team meeting the communication was very efficient throughout!

One thing that came up was a gap in my business that a member of my team had identified. I was shocked to hear that we had any weaknesses, I thought we’d had all bases covered.

We continued to discuss this gap in great length. It started with an investigation as to when the problem started, what it is currently affecting, what direction it could take our business and whether this weakness needed to be resolved immediately in order to remain in control and in charge.

During that same meeting where open communication is encouraged, another member of the team then suggested that this weakness may in fact work in our favour. How we could turn it into something more powerful and start to identify it as a strength that no other accountant has, because not all accountants are the same after all. At Maple Accountancy we always put our clients first, tailoring our services to cater to their needs, putting them in control of all decision making.

In this blog post sequence of how to supercharge your business, I will be sharing with you my second effective method that you can start implementing today to supercharge your own business – we’re real proof that it can work!

To catch up on the first method I shared, on how communication can really benefit your business by refocusing and re-energising your team, creating higher productivity levels from motivated staff, that all have an end goal of successful profit margins – click here

Weaknesses into strengths

Ideally, every business owner would like to excel in all areas of running a business… they’d also like to have a winning lottery ticket with a jackpot prize. The reality is, those two things are highly unlikely, and the sooner business owners recognise and accept their weaknesses, the sooner they are able to use them as an advantage in order to supercharge their business. I say this from an experience of being in complete denial and having the weaknesses brought to my attention by a trusted colleague.

You can’t turn a weakness into a strength
if you are constantly denying the weakness even exists.

To give you an example, if your company’s weakness is that you are small, consider the possible benefits that this could create and run with it. Your size makes you quicker to react, quicker to apply changes and quicker to find a conclusion. A further way to take advantage of this is to promote yourself as a business that can offer the same excellent services and products but at a competitive price, due to your business not having large overheads.

Make a list of what you feel are your strengths and then make a list of your weaknesses, just like we’ve shared above, sometimes what you think are your gaps – can often be turned into very attractive qualities!

Let us help you supercharge your business

You may wish to contact an expert to assist you with your business development, or even to figure out how to move forward once you have discovered your weakness.

We know that the right accountant makes a huge difference to all of our clients and at Maple Accountancy we can give you expert advice that you need to help supercharge your business into new levels of success. Our team of experienced accountants specialise in helping you get the most out of your money and by developing your weaknesses into solid strengths is by far the best place to start.

Contact Maple Accountancy on success@maple.uk.com – talk to one of our specialists, as choosing the right accountant is the best place to start to get you to super levels of success!