Have you ever sat in a meeting with people who are regularly talking over one another? The essential facts and figures get lost amongst the noise, and nothing is resolved from the exhausting hour you have just lost.

Sound familiar?

Those kinds of meetings can be incredibly draining, unproductive and often feel like a waste of time. We’ve all been there, including myself but that was before I realised there was a way to improve.

Imagine if you could sit in those same meetings with a calm and respectful atmosphere where one person leads as an elected representative?

In this post, I’m going to share a simple yet effective method that you can start implementing today to supercharge your business. This method will create focus, clarity and most importantly a unified approach that everyone benefits from.

From experience, this technique has transformed the way I work with my team and my clients, and how my team now work with their clients. However not all accountants and businesses are the same, so where I practice this method regularly and implement with all my clients it does take time to build, so are you ready?


We all know that communication is key. It’s key in any business, big or small, and is a fundamental element of success and getting you to where you need to be. Communication is not limited to just speaking (or shouting over others in a meeting room…), the ability to listen and process what someone is saying before giving a response conveys effective and considerate skills that build strong relationships.

Over the years of being an accountant, I have built strong relationships with my clients based on my excellent communication skills. I have intently listened to their needs, analysed their situation, investigated the options and then guided them through the process – I believe that using effective communication in this order (and of course choosing the right accountant…) makes a huge difference in business. These skills can easily be applied to any workplace, whether that’s in the office, in a weekly meeting or just making coffee in the kitchen.

Hold regular meetings

If your business doesn’t currently hold regular meetings, it’s important to introduce them, because combined with excellent communication as above, they can improve the productivity and performance of your entire team. Implementing these sessions ideally early in the week provides focus and clarity of what needs to happen that week.

A great way to spend your meetings (which should be agenda led and timed) is to identify the problems that are preventing the business from increasing its profit margins and discussing which idea or solution is best to implement so that the issue is resolved promptly.

Once your team know what the week needs to deliver, they then become in complete control of their workload for the week as they are aware and fully briefed on what is expected from them. This also relieves the pressure of tight deadlines, clears up any confusion on assignments and prevents stress from miscommunication, all these benefits are a result of a simple and uncomplicated method of action.

This weekly collaboration can re-focus and supercharge your team at the beginning of a new week, with updates; statistics and a list of goals that the business would like to achieve before the week draws to a close. Whatever topic you wish to discuss in your meetings, with effective communication applied and maintained throughout, each team member should leave the meeting feeling motivated and inspired to work harder, which then delivers incredible results for your business.

How does that sound?

I’m being called into a meeting of my own now… and don’t worry, I’ll make sure it’s all of the above!

In my next update I’ll be bringing you even more effective methods that I have discovered from years of experience in the accountancy world – consider it a sequence of how to supercharge your business.

Let us help supercharge your business

Our team of experienced accountants can give you the expert advice that you need to help your business reach new levels of success. Whether you want to scale your business, seek financial advice or even learn more on how to apply effective communication today – talk to one of our specialists, as choosing the right accountant makes a big difference to your business.