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Entertaining customers and clients? Here’s what you can claim for…

Entertaining potential and existing customers helps you to build and nurture strong business relationships. Customers who like you and your company are loyal, and they’re much more likely to stick with you even if a competitor tries to lure them away. Wining and dining them, taking them to a show [...]

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Managing your Time and Taking Back Control

Time management forms the framework for everything that you do in the day – and everything that you could be doing in the day. With time management, productivity is the end goal. The more productive you are during the day, the faster your business will grow and the more profit [...]

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How to supercharge your business – Part 2

What a productive meeting that was… I’m slightly smug about reporting back to you that in my team meeting the communication was very efficient throughout! One thing that came up was a gap in my business that a member of my team had identified. I was shocked to hear that [...]

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How to supercharge your business (Part 1)

Have you ever sat in a meeting with people who are regularly talking over one another? The essential facts and figures get lost amongst the noise, and nothing is resolved from the exhausting hour you have just lost. Sound familiar? Those kinds of meetings can be incredibly draining, unproductive and [...]

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