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Using a Company to Hold Buy-To-Lets

Recent and ongoing changes with the way that buy-to-let property is taxed have caused many landlords to consider transferring ownership of their properties from themselves to limited companies. Every landlord and every landlord portfolio is different, so this is one taxation question that no universal answer works for everyone – [...]

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The dangers of growing too quickly

While many think that the riskiest period in owning a start-up is during take-off, research suggests that this is not always the case. According to research from Ormsby Street, 91% of small businesses survive the first year of trading, whereas, after just five years, only four in ten of these [...]

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When is it time to raise finance for my business?

This is a question that many business owners will struggle with at some point or another. If you’re thinking of expanding your company in some way or need the money for general working capital, timing can be everything. Here is Maple Accounting’s helpful guide to knowing when it is time [...]

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